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How Companies Can Retool Their Supply Chains After the COVID-19 Crisis

A checklist to fortify your supply chain processes, automate efficiencies and make more informed decisions to protect your company from future disasters.

How to Launch Amazon in Two Weeks

This article focuses on the NAV portion of launching Amazon, FBA.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Change Log

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a built-in system for tracking changes to any part of the system, but you have to know how to configure it and how to read the results.

User Tasks - Keeping Track of Your Life

User Tasks is a cool feature that can be used by you and our organization to keep track of various things like support tickets, reminders, month-end closing checklists and more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Admin Center: Why You Need to Know it, and Everything You Need to Know About it

One of the more significant changes transitioning from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central relates to managing environments and debugging in Business Central.

Digital Finance: Eliminate Time Wasters with Intelligent AP Automation

When it comes to Accounts Payable, exceptions and errors often become the norm at many companies.

Breaking the Cycle and Reinvigorating Client Planning

Organisations see client planning as a good and invest considerable resources in the process. This article looks  at the reality and what leaders, product owners, and architects can do to improve the experience and outcomes.

Marketing Cloud: The Future of MarTech

Learn what a marketing cloud is and how it should be part of every marketer's long-term strategy.

Changing How You View SmartLists via SmartList Options

Learn how to make changes to some of your favorite Smartlists at a system level. 

Combining the Power of Business Intelligence with Marketing Data