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A Race for Digital Transformation is Coming

04-22-2020 11:44 Kelly Holwagner All Business Applications

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As we all struggle through this global pandemic, most of us are making sacrifices that, frankly, our generation has never experienced. Read a few ways your company can take steps to help navigate the coming changes.

As we all struggle through this global pandemic, most of us are making sacrifices that, frankly, our generation has never experienced. The last time sacrifices of this magnitude were made probably dates back to WWII when certain foods and items like rubber, gasoline, or rope were rationed. Car companies transitioned to making military vehicles then, as they’re transitioning to making ventilators today. It is during times of despair that people dig in, unify, and overcome.

Staying Connected Through Chaos
One way we are all doing that right now is connecting through technology while we are locked down under “shelter in place” orders. Whether you are a teacher or student, an IT consultant, a purchasing agent for a food service, or just someone who wants to connect with a family member through videoconferencing—we are experiencing a demand for technology.

Before I can talk about the upside of these technology demands coming out of this global pandemic, my heart is with the people struggling through the unfortunate loss and despair that is happening. We all pray to health and happiness for our family and friends throughout this trying time. Historically, it is amazing to see mankind overcome hardships and come out stronger. It’s happening around us right now.

From a technology perspective, I believe the world is seeing an even greater need for digital transformation both personally and professionally. There has never been a time where cloud computing and remote connectivity has shown to be so powerful. We see teachers and students going through a transformation with distant learning. We see news anchors doing their shows from their houses. We see business owners trying to get critical data and make the right decisions to ensure their employees and business will survive.

Adapting to a New World
Even in our business, as a Microsoft solutions provider, we have reinvented ways to connect with our customers. Normally, our team members would be at a client site, or face-to-face in a conference room conducting a design session. Today, we’ve made adjustments so that same session can be conducted remotely using video conferencing without sacrificing the knowledge sharing needed to accomplish the task.

Many businesses are faced today with major cost cutting exercises just to survive. About five years ago, during a major downturn in the oil industry, I remember talking to a CFO in the industry whose business was hit hard. While they had to make tough decisions to cut costs, including layoffs, they continued with their ERP implementation. He explained to me that during tough times, they had to make investments that ensured they could remain profitable long term. The logic behind these decisions was to use technology to tighten up their processes and optimize their operations during the downturn so that they were that much more efficient and competitive when they came back out of the recession. We are seeing something very similar across many organizations today.

A Surge in Cloud Computing is Coming
I feel strongly that when we come out of this current downturn, we will likely see a pent-up demand for technology investments in cloud computing. There is no question that businesses will want more stable and accessible environments with less responsibility and costs to manage them, such as Microsoft Azure managed solutions with higher security from cyberattacks. There will be a demand for better remote connectivity both in communications and workflow, such as with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics mobile apps for their ERP and CRM solutions. Distribution and Manufacturing companies will need to further streamline their operations to optimized throughput at higher volumes and lower costs for which the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of products offer great solutions.

These are just a few examples of why investing in technology and embracing digital transformation now can have a major impact on how businesses will survive and succeed moving forward.

Kelly Holwagner

Written by Kelly Holwagner

VP of Operations, Western Computer

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