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Three Time-Saving Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

05-11-2020 17:51 Kristen Hosman Dynamics GP

This article describes three new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 that can save you time and help make your job easier.

Originally published in H1 2018 GPUG Magazine

SmartList Favorite Password Protection
You can now have a unique password per SmartList to prevent any modifications that other Users may try to make.


TwoAdditional Sorts Added to Customer/ Vendor Inquiry Windows
Additional sorts were added to the following windows:

  • Receivables Transaction Inquiry by Customer
  • Receivables Transaction Inquiry by Document
  • Payables Transaction Inquiry by Vendor
  • Payables Transaction Inquiry by Document

One Payment Per Vendor/Invoice Setting on Vendor Card
You can now decide on a per vendor basis if one payment should be produced per vendor or invoice.


Kristen Hosman

Written by Kristen Hosman

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