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It’s the End of Exchange Server 2010 As We Know It. But You Will Do Just Fine!

In January 2015, Microsoft ended mainstream support for Exchange Server 2010. Those who didn’t make the transition to Exchange 2016/2019 or Microsoft Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) got a bit of a breather due to five years of extended support. However, this time it is really happening. As of October 13, 2020, there will be no further security or patches, fixes, updates, or available support. Nothing.

COVID-19: How E-Commerce SMBs Are Fighting Back

Learn how your peers are coping with the COVID-19 crisis and what we can learn from them. This article shows how hard companies were hit and the difference e-commerce made to their operations and growth. More importantly, it highlights what you can do today to be prepared in the event of another crisis.

Published by k-eCommerce

How AP Departments are Rising to the Challenge of COVID-19

The pandemic has made it essential for companies to find ways to keep operations going, as well as the liquidity to fund those operations, which means that companies will be tapping into the expertise of the AP department more than ever before. Each year, Ardent Partners gives the low-down on ePayables and AP automation in their The State of ePaybles report. This article addresses some steps AP departments can take to meet these challenges.

Published by MetaViewer from Metafile

The Enemy Within: Cross Application Controls, Security, And Segregation of Duties

The inability to track user access across company’s business systems can result in compliance violations at a minimum and elevated risks of fraud. Learn more about system security, access rights, and unintended violations by employees.

Published by Fastpath

A Race for Digital Transformation is Coming

As we all struggle through this global pandemic, most of us are making sacrifices that, frankly, our generation has never experienced. Read a few ways your company can take steps to help navigate the coming changes.

Creating Meaningful Visuals in Microsoft Power BI

Discover how to make your visuals in Microsoft Power BI more powerful, meaningful and easier to read. 

Originally published in 2017 User Group Magazines

How Companies Can Retool Their Supply Chains After the COVID-19 Crisis

A checklist to fortify your supply chain processes, automate efficiencies and make more informed decisions to protect your company from future disasters.

Marketing Cloud: The Future of MarTech

Learn what a marketing cloud is and how it should be part of every marketer's long-term strategy.