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Creating, Executing, and Measuring the Success of Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

Lead Nurturing is one of the most effective methods to engage with new leads and prospects to create marketing qualified leads, yet it is one of the most underutilized tools by marketers today. Getting started is no easy task and requires planning, forethought, and the right technology to truly be an effective tactic.

Originally published in The Partner Channel Magazine - Winter 2019/2020

How Microsoft Partners Can Use Analytics to Drive Revenue

Want to boost marketing performance? Convert more leads? Help drive revenue? Learn how Microsoft Partners can use marketing analytics to get results.

Originally published in The Partner Channel Magazine - Fall 2018

Focus on the First Step: Digital Dreams, Goals, and Reality

Companies who want to move toward digital transformation need to start with a firm foundation that includes
solid business systems and reliable, secure, cloud-based data. No matter what mix of Microsoft solutions you offer, you have an audience who needs your services. Focus on the first steps, and the rest of the path will appear.

Originally published in The Partner Channel Magazine - Fall 2018

Is Your Marketing Agile Enough for Today's Digital Transformation Challenges?

Marketing has always been a journey. Agile marketing is likely to be a challenge at first, but there is no going back. Like your prospect, digital transformation is about changing your entire marketing approach by starting small, experimenting, iterating, improving, building, and extending.

Originally published in The Partner Channel Magazine - Fall 2018

Digital Transformation and Why You Should Care

Digital transformation has the capacity to continuously impact how we work and operate businesses, large and
small. In this article, we’ll discuss why digital transformation is here to stay, why you shouldn’t be fearful of getting
started, and tips for adopting a strategy.

Originally published in The Partner Channel Magazine - Fall 2018

Four Ways to Meet the Changing Demands of Today's Buyer

Like just about everything else in business, the digital revolution is changing how your consumers are buying. Learn four ways to transform the modern buyer's journey strategy. 

Originally published in The Partner Channel Magazine - Fall 2018

The Road to AppSource

Besides the technology, marketing also makes up a big part of the AppSource validation. This extends from clear app descriptions to work instructions and app brochures.

5 Ways Partners Need to Evolve their Marketing

Learn 5 things you need to do to evolve your marketing as a partner in the technology channel.