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User Tasks - Keeping Track of Your Life

04-02-2020 14:34 Dave Wiser Dynamics 365 BC | NAV

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User Tasks is a cool feature that can be used by you and our organization to keep track of various things like support tickets, reminders, month-end closing checklists and more.

Hidden in the Activities section of the Role Center is a cue with a lot of power behind it.  Labeled “My User Tasks”, this cue opens up the world of User Tasks.  Introduced in version NAV 2018, User Tasks is a cool feature which can be used by you and our organization to keep track of various things like:

  • Support Tickets
  • Reminders
  • Monthend Closing Checklists
  • And much more…

User Tasks can be created for yourself or they can be assigned to others.  Let’s take a look at what this feature can do.

You can navigate to the User Tasks by clicking on the role center cue or by searching for “User Task”.  From the list page, you can create new tasks, edit existing tasks, or mark tasks as completed.  Creating or 

The General fasttab allows you to enter the subject of the task along with a lengthy description.  The created by user and date are auto populated allowing you to know who and when a task was created.editing tasks opens the User Task card.

In the Status fasttab, you have the ability to assign the task to yourself or other users within the system.  You can also set start and due dates, assign a priority to the task, and keep track of completion percentage.  By setting filters in the User Task list page, you or other managers can keep track of the progress of tasks.

The Task Item fasttab allows you to link the task to a specific page or report.  The power here is that by clicking the “Go To Task Item” button from the ribbon, the user can go immediately to that specific page or report making navigation much easier.

Your ERP support team can use this feature as a ticketing system by allowing users to set up tasks for issues they may be having and assigning them to your ERP support person.  Granted, there are more elaborate ticketing applications out there, but this feature gives users basic ticketing functions within a system you have already paid for and installed.

One feature that opens up the use of User Tasks as a month end closing checklist is the “Recurrence” feature. When you click on this option from the ribbon, you can set what date to start the recurrence, how often to the task should recur, and how many recurrences to set.  When you click OK, the system will create multiple tasks based on the recurrence settings. By using date range and completion filters for your task list and you can see the tasks due this month and which ones are or aren’t complete.

By reviewing the features of this functionality there may be other uses that you may want to investigate. Take a look and see what User Tasks can do for you.

Dave Wiser

Written by Dave Wiser

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